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Welcome to Kathryn Alexander Enterprises, Inc. (KAE), Minority Women’s Business Enterprise Certified.  We specialize in customized qualitative research and consulting services.

​For every action there is a reaction in the marketplace...

Every marketing and policy decision creates a ripple effect that impacts performance, costs, and profit potential.  Minimize risk and maximize gain by tapping into your consumers – who they are, what they want and why they want it – before implementing a new marketing program or modifying an existing one.

Our insightful and critical discovery process informs key business decisions and increases the potential for a greater ROI. Partner with us to connect with your customers and better inform the marketing mix.  Get a 360 view – the PPF (Past, Present and Future) insights needed to forge a meaningful connection between your consumers and your brand.

We also specialize in employee-based research. Our goal is to improve employee engagement, cooperation and performance from entry level up through management. We help companies and organizations work toward achieving greater employee satisfaction and ultimately a higher return on investment (ROI).

Dr. Kathryn Alexander,  Founder and President, is one of the most experienced qualitative researchers in the country and is recognized and respected as an expert in the field. Dr. Alexander has both a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling and a Doctorate in Communications from New York University. Her discerning 360-degree PPF approach provides easy access to the history and mindset of consumers and the underlying motivations driving their behavior; ingredients critical to activating priority segments, attracting new ones, and building customer loyalty.


Kathryn is a founding member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), an organization dedicated to fostering the highest ethical and professional standards in the field.  She has served on the board of QRCA as secretary and vice president, spearheaded a number of regional chapter meetings and served on the Bylaws Committee for over 19 years. 



Customized Qualitative Marketing Research and Consulting Services

Our talent lies in our ability to synthesize qualitative learning and insight discovery into actionable marketing recommendations. Qualitative services are tailored to complement your company’s marketing needs. We provide meaningful results and guidance in the planning and execution of your marketing framework.

Core Offerings

Focus groups: 2-hour sessions, mini-groups, triads and dyads

Online methodologies

In-depth in-person and telephone interviews

On-premise observations

Target Audiences

Diverse Markets

Including but not limited to:

Heads-of-Household/Decision Influencers

Physicians/Other Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Business Executives/CEOs

Different Market Characteristics:

Primary/Secondary Targets

Current/Lapsed Users and Trier-Rejecters

Traditional/Evolving Markets

Various Demographic Segments:

Welfare Recipients to Upper Income Echelons

Poorly Educated through Post-Graduate Studies

Young Adults to Seniors

African-American, Latino, Asian

and Others...

Industry Verticals

Consumer Goods/Services and Business-to-Business:



Baked Goods

Beverages – hot/cold/alcoholic


Destination Marketing

Employee Relations (COD)


Fast Food Restaurants

Financial Services

Media Content

Personal Care Items

Pharmaceuticals/Clinical Trials

Political Research


Web Hosting

and Others…

Research Projects / Consulting Services

Including but not limited to:

Advertising Development and Optimization

Brand Issues: Image, Loyalty, Strategy

Category Explorations

Creative Problem Solving

Idea Generation

New Product Concept Development and Product Evaluations

Package Design/Redesign

Pre-/Post Quantitative


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No matter how you feel about diversity it’s here to stay and projected to increase exponentially in the workplace and beyond.  Find out how Conversations On Diversity (COD) helps internal stakeholders, HR and middle managers, create a more productive workforce.